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About our RX-7 Engine Rebuilds

    Rotary engines are unique when rebuilding. Many parts after being cleaned, very closely inspected, and measured, may be reused. Some must be discarded because they are not machinable, or are just plain worn out. 
    It is relatively inexpensive to assemble a rotary engine with a lot of used parts, however success is only mediocre. An engine is only as good as its weakest link so an engine assembled with more new parts lasts much longer and runs more efficiently. 
    At The Rotary Doctor, our engines are built to last many years and many miles with adequate maintenance. That is why all of our engines have new apex seals, corner seals, side seals, Viton oil control O-rings, and all springs are replaced. We also use only new front and rear oil seals, pilot shaft bearing and seal (for manual transmissions only), eccentric shaft replacement, thermal pellet, all internal coolant seals, gaskets and tension bolt o-rings. 

Most rotary engines lose compression on one rotor when they go bad. The apex seal wears thin and rolls out, destroying the rotor housing as well as the rotor itself.  If you want new rotor housings, add $1,200.00.

1993-1995 Turbo Housings NEW, add $1,700.00

Rebuild Only Price List*

79-85 12A Non-Turbo     $2,500.00+ core
86-88 Non-Turbo             $2,500.00+ core
89-91 Non-Turbo             $2,500.00+ core
89-91 Turbo**                  $2,600.00+ core
93-95 Twin Turbo**         $2,800.00+ core

Please Note:
-A $1,000 deposit is required before work begins on your RX-7.

-All prices and availability are subject to change.

-Turbo Hard Part prices are subject to change and availability.

On most of the rebuilds we do, the customer wants us to remove and reinstall the engine. When we do this, we send the fuel injectors to RC Engineering for cleaning and balancing. Many times one of the fuel injectors will be leaking. The prices below include: oil filter, oil, antifreeze, distilled water and gaskets. Engine mounts oil injectors, hoses, belts, and oil lines are NOT included. 

​Engine Rebuild with Installation*

​•79-82 12A                   $3,350.00+ Tax
86-88 Non-Turbo       $3,350.00+ Tax
89-91 Non-Turbo       $3,350.00+ Tax
87-88 Turbo               $3,350.00+ Tax
89-91 Turbo               $3,450.00+ Tax
93-95 Twin Turbo      Call for price

*Prices are based on your having a rebuildable core. Please call for pricing if you do not have a core. 

*Engines come with a limited 2-Year Unlimited Mileage Transferable Warranty.